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Warriors Field House 303-683-2764


Warriors Field House was opened on October 14, 2012. Our field house will support year around team and individual training in baseball, softball, football and many more sports. Professional team and individual training is also available.

Winter Hours (Jan-Mar): *Mon-Fri 5-8pm, *Saturday & Sunday 10am-8pm.

About the WFH:

We have 10 cages. Eight cages are approx 15'x50' and two are 12'x80' (designed for pitching/catching and hitting). All cages have modern curtain cable rollers (for ease of movement) so that they can open up to any configuration. Want an area of 60'x100'? We can do it! Click here for a detailed layout.

Also avaiable are our two meeting/party rooms for team and individual use. These can be rented as a package or just rent the rooms for your next event.

The field house has free public WiFi, satellite and modern flat screened TV's.

Equipment in the WFH:

Five (6)ATec baseball/softball machines

Multi types of hitting tees to fit your needs. Weighted training balls, fielding balls and regular balls are all part of your rentals.

Single Session Cage Rental Information:

Half an Hour (1/2) walk-up cage rental = $20
One (1) hour walk-up cage rental = $40
Two (2) hour walk-up cage rental = $80

Team Multi Session Cage Rentals:

We do these on a quote basis so that we can customize them to exactly what you want. For the most part the more sessions you do the deeper the discount is. To get your free quote contact Kevin McAllister by

*Times and dates subject to change based on demand.


Warriors Field House, 8160 Blakeland Drive, Unit A, Highlands Ranch, CO 80125, 303-683-2764